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REVIEW: Veer Cruiser Stroller Wagon

 hi friends, 

when theo first started walking around his 1st birthday in january, we wanted to encourage walking and exploring the world as much as possible, but still wanted to have something to keep him safe when needed, without having to carry him. we have the uppababy vista for our stroller and used that thing every day year-round for over a year. i may do a stroller review later about that to show you all the amazing terrain we conquered with the stroller.

we researched a ton of wagon and stroller wagon options and ultimately decided on the veer cruiser wagon which is perfect for our family and i haven't looked back.

**disclsoure: this is not an ad. well, it is in the sense that i personally think everyone i know should know about this wagon, and i do get alot of questions about it when i post videos of theo BUT, it's not sponsored by any company or brand. mike and i bought it ourselves.**

here's the wagon:


here are some specs important for families:

  • the wheels are rubber, not filled with air so they won't pop. they are also removable and come off easily when needed. the wheels also have intense tread, and the steering occurs with the front two wheels (the back two are stationary). this is similar to a lot of strollers, but backwards since it allows for both pushing and pulling, so the handle and wheels that turn for steering are on the same side of the wagon. 

  • because of the steering above, it does take a few tries to get used to the extra wide turning and slightly different maneuverability as opposed to a stroller. 

  • the seats are hard plastic (2 seats) with vents in the backrest part for hot days, and with an expandable compartment for feet (as opposed to the traditional wagon where the seat is raised and the foot board is located slightly below. this allows for a more ergonomic seated position for little ones and to accommodate kids of varying heights.

  • each seat allows for 55 lbs, totalling 110lbs for the whole wagon's occupant weight and each seat has a seat belt with 3 point harness for the hips.

  • the frame is made of airplane grade aluminum which gives me comfort that it will last long term through all of our family adventures. 

  • and last, the side walls are fabric, and dry really quickly. this, to me, is the best part.

  • there are a ton more specs and details you can research that i don't find worthy of mentioning, but i'm sure veer would want you to know about. 

the most important features to me: 

  1. it's completely wash-able.  i have ZERO fear over it getting grass cuttings, sand, mud, and snack crumbs all over it since it can 1. be left out in the rain (efficient and free cleaning method), or 2. hosed down and left out to dry. 
  2. it has been designed for "those who prefer to take the paths less traveled" (quoted from the veer website) which is obvious when you use it. i can confidently push or pull going up and down steep hills on trails, tree roots, sand (both dry and wet), mud, ice and snow, grass, and cement.
  3. it offers a 360 degree view of the world. this is one of the main benefits for us as opposed to a stroller when theo turned 1. he was always wanting to look around in the stroller but only had a half view. if he was forward facing, he couldn't see us or watch cars drive by behind him. if he was facing us, couldn't see forward obviously, but with the wagon, can turn and look at whatever he wants, which has helped us keep him connected in nature to seeing things from varying perspectives.
  4. i love the ability to push or pull and if you follow me on instagram, you've probably seen theo pushing or pulling it as well. despite that it weighs 35 lbs, its ergonomic design doesn't feel that heavy when pushing or pulling.
  5. it folds down in 30 seconds. the sides each fold down flat, and the handle folds down on top of them. there are a few things here that i love about this, even though its not completely collapsible like other brands. because the frame stays mostly in place, along with the wheels, it feels really sturdy and secure to go on all types of terrain. i'm not sure i'd feel as confident in something collapsible which is why we chose this brand. we also drive a toyota corolla, and it fits inside the trunk with ease, and allows for other gear to fit in beside and on top. 
  6. for storage, it also stands up vertically once folded, giving you a bit more space but i wouldn't let small children near it while its stored this way, since it doesn't feel super secure standing vertically.
  7. there is a foot brake at the bottom of the handle, allowing for quick braking to ditch the wagon when your toddler starts running away. 
  8. in the box, also included are 2 cupholders, and a removable snack tray which has two separate snack spaces and two cupholders. this easily snaps on and off and works really well when you have another child out for a ride. if you go anywhere with more than one kid, and snacks are involved, you know you need separate sections for drinks and food.
  9. there are a ton of little pouches inside the interior fabric which are mesh. we often bring snacks, water, wipes, and sometimes a diaper. i've used this pouches for my phone and keys before, and theo has used them to store treasures like leaves or acorns collected on hikes.
  • there are a ton of accessories for this wagon like all weather cover, bug net, retractable canopy, storage basket, comfort seat inserts with 5 point harnesses, but we don't have any of these accessories and i'm not sure we'd get them. 

  • the thing i'm most looking forward to buying though, is when we have another baby, the veer makes car seat adapters to allow you to have your toddler or child and baby in a carseat (before they are sitting age), both in the wagon at the same time. see below: 

  • price-wise, it's expensive. i think it cost us just over 1000$ without any accessories. so it's definitely more of a high budget purchase, a lot more expensive than other ones we looked at. for mike and i, though, we've prioritized having really good quality, well made, sturdy gear for theo, and gear that would last and accomodate for 2 children and i feel super confident that this wagon will allow us to meet that goal. 

things i don't love:

1. one of the small front wheels always pops off when i put the wagon in the car or take it out. this isn't a huge deal and is probably due to my technique, but is a bit annoying. 

2. the level that allows for adjusting the height of the handle doesn't always stay tight enough which makes the handle move down. it's fine because of mike and my height but if you were super tall and needed the extra handle space, this might be a concern. 

3. theo likes it so much that he wants to bring it even when we don't want to, like to just go around the block, for example. toddlers, man. 


i'm hoping this review was helpful if you've been thinking about a wagon or gear that fits more than one child.

the next review i plan to do is for the knix period proof undernear which i've been using for a few months and is totally freeing. if you're into that, stay up to date by checking my instagram @misstomrswed for updates on new blog posts, or just check back here later.




the reviews i plan to do on this blog will always be things i buy with my own money (not that any brand is offering me free products) because i think the review can be more honest. it will often though, be biased towards my preferences, since i research purchases and products before i use them and am using these products myself. my intention in sharing is that i want you to know about products i wish i knew about sooner, that have made my life easier as a mom and business owner and just someone who doesn't like spending a lot of time fiddling with crappy products. 






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