REVIEW: salomon x ultra 4 mid gtx hiking boots

REVIEW: salomon x ultra 4 mid gtx hiking boots

hi friends, 


i've done all the testing and research for you and this post is to tell you all about my salomon hiking boots which work for ALL SEASONS, and why i'm so in love with them.

**disclsoure: this is not an ad. well, it is in the sense that i personally think everyone i know should know about these shoes, and i do get alot of questions about them when i post about our hikes BUT, it's not sponsored by any company or brand. i bought them myself.**

here they are:

salomon hiking shoes

the salomon x ultra 4 mid gtx hiking boots which i bought here, are amazing. seriously, i've been so frustrated over the last few years with shoe choices. i would like to think i care about fashion, but my real priority is comfort, and if you've read any of my other reviews then you already know, i also don't like items or products that are too....  fussy, too much work, too much care, too much thought? i don't have time or effort to put that much work into the shoes i wear, and so i did THOROUGH research about these babies, and will never look back. in fact, i'm thinking about ordering the non GTX ones for the summer, i'll explain....

so these shoes are designed as hiking boots. on the SAIL website, they are described as waterproof (which i can attest is 100% true for the ones i have), and they are made with a grip outsole that provides security and stability on trails (and ice, and snow, though that's not from the website, just from me!) they are made with gore-tex which keeps your feet warm and dry, KEY for going walking/hiking in all seasons.

they are ankle high, tie up the same way you would ice skates, with the criss-cross applesauce and then hook on the little hooks at each side before tying in a bow. (in their words on the website, it's described as: traditional lacing system with eyelets, but I think my description is more fun!).

when i first got them, i figured i would only wear them on trails, and not the sidewalk. but as time went on, and it would rain in the fall, or start to get snowy in the winter, i found myself needing the grip, warmth and waterproof features that they offered, and now i don't actually know if i will ever go back to walking, even on sidewalks in the city, with normal running shoes. 

these boots, once they are a bit broken in, mould to your feet, are so comfortable and sturdy. i've never worn a boot that felt like a shoe (not heavy, easy to move, easy to get on and off), and yet had the protection of a boot, in the winter especially. i've been wearing these all winter so far, and i'm obsessed. i don't know why i ever tried to deal with any other kind of winter boot. 

they retail for $199.99, I think I got them on sale for 179.00 and I think they're worth the price tag. if you're like me and you hate having things that don't work, or only work sometimes, or in some weather, just buy the darn boots. they have replaced the following for me: 
- rain boots
- winter boots
- trail shoes or hiking shoes
- shoes for everyday

literally, my shoe wardrobe is now 1 pair of beige cute heels, 1 pair of running shoes for errands/every day, cycling (maybe i will get trail shoes from salomon too once we move to the farm for running in the grass/forest), my birkenstocks for summer, and these salomon hiking boots which fill every other need. i also own several pairs of toms, because if you know how stinky they get with repeated use, then you know. though they are not for any level of activity, just errands, etc. 

so yeah, buy the shoes, they are 100% worth the pretty price tag, and useful year-round, particularly for anyone with any kind of priority to spend time outside in all seasons. 

i'm not totally sure about my next product review, but if you're into them, stay up to date on IG @missmrsmama_ for updates on new blog posts, or just check back here later.




the reviews i do on this blog will always be things i buy with my own money (not that any brand is offering me free products) because i think the review can be more honest. it will often though, be biased towards my preferences, since i research purchases and products before i use them and am using these products myself. my intention in sharing is that i want you to know about products i wish i knew about sooner, that have made my life easier as a mom and business owner and just someone who doesn't like spending a lot of time fiddling with crappy products. 


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