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REVIEW: Revlon One-Step Dryer Brush

hi friends, 

so around mother's day 2021, my hair dryer stopped working so when mike asked what he and theo could get me for mother's day, i asked for this revlon one-step hair dryer brush. let's be honest, it was one item on a list of many many items i've intended to buy over the last 2 years but instead spent the money on baby and toddler clothes which just end up being laundered daily and grown out of.

**disclsoure: this is not an ad. well, it is in the sense that i personally think everyone i know should use this dryer brush BUT, it's not sponsored by any company or brand. mike bought it for me himself, and i'm reviewing it cause i love it and wanted you all to just know about it.*

if you've been wondering if the hype is worth it with this dryer brush, it is! this dryer is saves me a ton of time without compromising on frizz or volume. as a mom and business owner and overachiever, i don't want to be spending a ton of time getting ready for the day, and this dryer has saved me from what i call "another day. another bun", a lot of days over the past 6 months. see below my 10 minute hairstyle.

wet air @ 10:52am                halfway @10:56am                done @ 11:02am












if you've not seen/heard of it, it looks like this: 


it's exactly what you'd think when you imagine a hair dryer brush. it's a round brush, which plugs in to an electrical outlet, and gives off heat and air through the spaces in the brush, allowing for a one-step, one-product blow out/round brush/hair drying experience.

my initial thoughts: 

1. i wasn't crazy about the colour, but it's not like my bathroom is professionally designed or even following a colour scheme, more i just don't love the bright teal colour for me. 

2. it's a tad heavy but to be honest, i don't remember how heavy my blow dryer was for comparison reasons. it is heavier than a hairbrush, but does weigh less than the toddler i've been carrying around every day, but nonetheless, it gets heavy.

3. i have fine, mostly straight, thin hair, so most hair styling products work well for me without a hassle. if you have curly or thick or textured hair, dry time would vary and i suppose you'd have to be more careful to avoid breakage. i'm a tad rough with this thing and try to get it done as fast as possible, which is probably not the most useful advice for styling and would make a professional stylist cringe.

over time, i've decided:

1. i love this brush and the results i get. i use it a few times a week with damp hair. (though i've seen reviews and other women using it with completely dry hair, to just add volume and act as a straightener, etc. but i've only used it on damp, post-shower hair.) i don't use any other products like mousse, or hairspray typically, just the blow dryer. i tend to just brush my hair as if i was using a round brush, so kind of just brushing as opposed to having to really focus on smaller sections of hair with precision like i typically would with a blow dryer and hairbrush as separate tools.

2. what i love is that it's really fast (under 10 minutes), reduces frizz while also adding volume (not sure how this happens), and doesn't require me to get out any other tools like brushes or straighteners, or styling products (hairspray, mousse, etc). 

3. it's easy to use left handed or right, doesn't get so hot like my blow dryer used to, and bonus since especially postpartum hair loss is real, hair pulls away from the brush pretty easily once you need to remove some hair.

4. the price is great! on amazon.ca right now, this tool is listed at 69.99 which is an affordable price for an all in one tool, in my opinion. 

here's how i use it:

1. post-shower or otherwise damp hair works best. split hair into sections (I only do 2 sections, bottom half and top half of my head but that's because of the length and hair type i have).

2. i continuously place brush below hair so for bottom layer, along chin in upwards c motion towards ear and then pulling the hair through. for top layer, along ear in upwards c motion towards crown of head and then pulling the hair through. for the top i also just use as a normal brush, brushing back away from my face, brushing from one side of my head to the other (left to right), etc. sometimes i flip my head over upside down and simply brush from the base of my neck or forehead, along the hair towards the floor.

3. i don't use any styling products or other tools during the blow drying, but often use some dry shampoo or hairspray afterwards just for final styling depending on the look i'm going for or how long i need it to stay in a certain place.

4. leave it out in a spot safe and away from tiny humans who will undoubtedly pull it down off the counter by the cord, just to cool, before putting away.

i'm hoping this review was helpful if you've been thinking about a new hairbrush or dryer tool.

the next review i plan to do is for the veer cruiser wagon which we use nearly almost every day for theo! if you're into that, stay up to date by checking my instagram @misstomrswed for updates on new blog posts, or just check back here later.




the reviews i plan to do on this blog will always be things i buy with my own money (not that any brand is offering me free products) because i think the review can be more honest. it will often though, be biased towards my preferences, since i research purchases and products before i use them and am using these products myself. my intention in sharing is that i want you to know about products i wish i knew about sooner, that have made my life easier as a mom and business owner and just someone who doesn't like spending a lot of time fiddling with crappy products. 


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