REVIEW: Knix Period Proof Underwear

REVIEW: Knix Period Proof Underwear

 hi friends, 

we all think about period care but no one reallllly talks about it. i mean, i'm 31 and have only ever used pads (which i hate) and tampons (which i tolerate). i don't live under a rock but for a long time, i just didn't know of the other options. i tried a divacup for a time but i could never get it to sit right and it always leaked which was so frustrating. after theo came, when my period came back, i just went back to pads and tampons as i had before. i have an iud now which makes my period a bit heavier than it used to be on the pill and i just thought i'd continue using pads and tampons and that's just the life of someone who has a period. 

BUT THEN, plot twist, i found knix through someone online who was using their leakproof nursing bras, went to their website, and found that they were making/selling leakproof underwear, intended for sweat, incontinence, and periods. and finally, just like that, i'm free! 

**disclsoure: this is not an ad. well, it is in the sense that i personally think everyone i know should use these undies BUT, it's not sponsored by any company or brand. i bought them myself and am telling you about them because i love them. BUT given all the good word i've been spreading about this, knix, send me some please! ;)

a few months ago, i bought this pack from knix. 



i got the heavy flow high rise which comes with 4 regular pairs of underwear, and one overnight brief style also came with the little wet bag for on-the-go and a washing mesh bag with a zipper. knix describes this period kit as 

  • 4 pairs of Super Leakproof Underwear - the most absorbent period underwear ever, absorbing the same as about 8 regular tampons.
  • 1 pair of Super Leakproof Dream Shorts - our comfy and confident sleep short designed for overnight period protection.

  • 1 Pouch

so after 6 periods of using only the underwear, no pads, no tampons, no cups, here are my thoughts:


  • i feel free! i've been able to go out while on my period, without packing a tampon, pad, or extra underwear. i haven't worried about leaking or running out to buy products as i knew my period was approaching and the best part, you can just wash them in the machine on cold, and hang to dry - so easy!
  • i don't feel wet wearing them, there's little odor and they are so thin that it's pretty unnoticeable most of the time. basically, it's like wearing comfy spandex underwear with a panty liner sewn in.
  • they are a bit tight when you first get them but they kind of mold to fit same way spandex pants expand and loosen throughout the day. they fit true to size, I am a large in other brands and got them here as well.
  • the panty lines are not noticeable any more than the regular undies i like, and they even have leakproof thongs if that's your thing!
  • i will probably get another set because i like washing them every other day and having a separate pair for overnight, so here's my system currently:
    • basically do laundry every other night to ensure i have enough clean pairs to get through a 48 hour period, but with only 1 overnight pair, mid-cycle i need to use it each night hence, more laundry.
    • i often have laundry to do so it's not taking up its own cycle, otherwise i would just handwash them rather than running a full cycle.
    • we also only use tide free&clear which is hypoallergenic and fragrance free so i can only speak to that product in terms of washing, but it washes them fine and they are like new once dry
    • i've yet to travel with this system so i'm not sure how that would work, but i guess you could always rinse and handwash. 
  • i'm looking so forward to only wearing tampons for swimming ALTHOUGH, they also have, yep, you guessed it! period-proof swimwear, which i'm definitely investing in for next summer. 
  • they also have reusable pads if you want your own underwear or want to use the reusable pad plus the period proof for extra protection. the cool thing is that they use a hook eye system for the wings to clip under the crotch of your underwear which i thought was way better than a snap or button or something else. 
  • i like them so much i'm definitely going to invest in the leak proof maternity and nursing stuff for my next pregnancy.
i've also talked to some women in my social group who have used them post partum, not right away but a few weeks in, and loved the versatility of not having to wear pads for 6+ weeks.
my care routine:
1. rinse in cold water in sink at the end of the day 
2. spray with baby oxy clean (scent free, hypoallergenic etc) and put in the knix mesh wash bag in a load of darks)
3. wash in machine with dark load, on cold water
4. hang or lay flat to dry 
5. repeat every 2 days
the laundering process has become a little annoying so that's why i'm thinking of getting another of the same set, which would allow for 8 daytime (a few of which could be used for nighttime early and late in the cycle), and then 2 nighttime (which could be used on the heaviest nights). on heavier days, i also (last month) put a new pair halfway through the day, so that would really help with laundry as well but allowing me the freedom to have a new clean pair without worrying about more laundry or not having enough for the next day. 
i'm hoping this review was helpful if you've been thinking about period care and making any changes to the products you're using.


the next review i plan to do is to be determined, probably something we use every day for theo! if you're into that, stay up to date by checking my instagram @misstomrswed for updates on new blog posts, or just check back here later.





the reviews i plan to do on this blog will always be things i buy with my own money (not that any brand is offering me free products) because i think the review can be more honest. it will often though, be biased towards my preferences, since i research purchases and products before i use them and am using these products myself. my intention in sharing is that i want you to know about products i wish i knew about sooner, that have made my life easier as a mom and business owner and just someone who doesn't like spending a lot of time fiddling with crappy products. 

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