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hi friends, 

i'm just going to jump right in here and say, anyone else having a hard AF time navigating social media? i mean, running a business is one thing, but navigating the complexities of timing your mouth on video with a single audio clip and posting to instagram (feed, stories, and reels), facebook (for your grandma who still uses it), and tiktok (isn't this just reels, and do you share from tiktok to reels, or the other way around?), i have so many questions.. this literally is a full time job, on it's own. only, i'm a small business and can't hire someone to manage it for me just yet. so i'm here, nagivating social on my own. 

plus, and i'm writing this blog in real-time as it's unfolding in front of me, i've launched my website today, which i expected to go WAY smoother than what actually happened given it took a year to finish and launch (obviously, cause that would have been too simple). so, first the website link didn't work, and then the discount code was broken, and then my pricing was off for variants of different options for each item. so now, an hour after launching, i'm going back through every single item, updating the links and variants and pricing, which is just the funnest thing i've done all week (NOT!). plus, i have to update some spelling errors my dear friend found and helped bring to my attention. y'all, i couldn't even find them in the first 20 times i reviewed the website prior to launching. clearly, navigating my website is hard for me. 

anyone else ever have days where you are 100% on top of life, and then subsequently days where you feel like 100 lists on post-its scattered around the house that you have to wrestle away from your toddler who is running away with them are the only way to survive life? i'm right there with you, in the post-it phase. this weekend, we have a to do list, which involves a grocery delivery, meal prepping some snacks, mopping the floors, doing some admin and some staining for a busy upcoming week full of, hopefully, more spring weather than winter weather (i'm ready for you, spring). 

this spring and summer, my goal is to spend as much time with little theo as i can. mike and i are so excited that theo will be starting montessori part time in september and given that half his life has been spent in lockdown, and mama's work hours have been pretty compromised, we are excited all around for this new journey. 

anyways, this post is just to basically whine about being an adult and how learning new tech things requires way more brain power than my toddler-raising, entrepreneurship-struggling mind can handle on most days. and the only way, besides therapy, that i really know how to deal with this hard time in life when work and little one seem to be so demanding of me simultaneously is to make lists. 

literally no one has asked for this, and i'm not even sure whether people think i'm an expert in my business, let alone organization, but here are my tips for semi-organized weekends with a toddler and a business. 

1. i make a reasonable to do list for the weekend, like 5 items max. it's easy for my type A personality to make lists 100 miles long, especially for weekends, but then i don't get a lot of the things done, and then i feel crappy when the weekend ends that i didn't "accomplish enough". 

2. i try to get a bit more sleep on the weekends, and i think i may start taking fridays off from work things. just feels like i deserve this. 

3. i no longer drink coffee after 10am. the other night, for 3 nights in a row i was wide awake until after 2am, which is ridiculous when you have a little one who wakes up at the crack of dawn, and i struggled to figure out why on earth this was happening. and then it hit me, 3 days in a row, i'd had coffee mid-afternoon. never again, friends. 

4. i am booking grocery deliveries weekly for sunday mornings now, giving mike and i more time to meal plan and prep, plus then we are less likely to eat takeout on sundays when we already have a fridge full of food. 

5. hopefully we can spend some time with family now that the stay at home order has been lifted. 

have a marvelous weekend, friends. 

love, jess


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