we bought our dream home!

we bought our dream home!

hi friends, 

i'm finally sitting down to do an intro post about our new home and how we came to the decision to move to what we call treeview.

we move in 1 week. 1 week of managing schedules, packing and complete chaos until we are finally in our dream house. which will surely be followed by at least 1 month of managing schedules, unpacking and complete chaos. LOL

i am so excited to be finally settling into our new HOME. we've survived 5 moves in the time we've been living together, mike and i, and it's been both so much fun and so exhausting being in rentals. i do consider myself an expert mover now which is a great skill for the experience of moving now. i posted some moving/packing tips on my instagram today if you're into that kind of thing.

since july 2020, i've been writing in my start today journal (not an ad, i just genuinely use it daily as part of my journaling routine), every day. one goal that has consistently been on my list of 10 dreams for my life is "I own a custom home on 10-30 acres". i'm going to write another lengthy post about manifesting our lives because this is just one of many examples, where manifestation and goal setting has created a unique opportunity for my goal to become a reality, way sooner than planned.


it's funny how goals work, and they don't always work the way we imagine. for the last 18 months, i've imagined this goal to mean mike and i would build our own custom home on land we bought. but here's the thing, i never wrote "i build a custom home" always "i own a custom home" which tells me maybe this was the plan all along, to find a custom built home on the property of our dreams, and somehow i knew it, and didn't know it. you know?

many stars have aligned which allowed this property to become a reality. in april 2021, my dad died. in august, we moved in with my mom at my parents house. in october, our family started talking about the possibility of owning a family compound together, something my dad had always joked about but actually wanted. and in november, after another property we liked was sold before we could even go and see it, we found this place...a multi-home property situated on 28 acres, half of it forested, with several outbuildings, and not too far from everyone else we see regularly, schools, and workplaces. it was like something out of a dream when we found it. 

this property has the unique offering of multiple homes for us all to live separately, together on one deed, and enjoy the use of the full 28 acres. we are overjoyed, and really nervous, to permanently share space with my whole family. here's the thing, this might be the dumbest thing we've ever done, or the smartest, but either way, it's happening and it will be the adventure of a lifetime. as you know if you follow me on instagram, mike and i don't do things small. we make big moves, always have, and this is just another example. 

welcome to treeview! ps. i started a whole instagram page documenting our newbie farm owner journey, filled with our multigenerational family navigating the transition from city to farm life, nature filled adventures, and some huge reno projects to come. 

can you see from those photos where it got it's name? on every side, in every direction, our view is literally tree lines. 

not only does our new property have a tree view, but treeview court is my parents house, the house we last made memories with my dad, and the house mike, theo and i moved into, which also, uniquely, has a tree view. we're exchanging one tree view for a better one. 

our 28 acres includes hay fields, forest, clearings, and even a river. 


ya'll, do we have dreams for this place! i'll share more about the house when we're actually there since it feels premature before our belongings are even moved in and adjusting to the space.

please follow along on instagram and if you have a farm or acreage, please reach out and share your wisdom. we know exactly what we're doing and at the same time, we have no idea what we're doing....




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