sustainable packaging in my business

sustainable packaging in my business

hi friends, 

i have a business post up, finally! if you've been waiting for more entrepreneur/business content, this one is for you!

this post is all about how i use sustainable and eco-friendly methods in my packaging and shipping process, as much as possible. i implemented some changes recently in my shipping and packaging to try and be more mindful of reduce, reuse, recycle whenever possible when making decisions about shipping supplies, while packaging orders, and while receiving items from suppliers.

1. paper use

i don't print any receipts or invoices - it would waste so much paper and since all invoices are made available digitally on etsy and on my website via email after purchase, there's no need for printed copies.

contracts for rentals/ future calligraphy projects are stored digitally and all proofs are sent digitally to clients for approval. sketches and lettering for new designs, or my own calligraphy which gets digitized for items i make, is done on the ipad, which is just another way to save paper and create efficiency simultaneously.

2. shipping material

shipping boxes are often re-used within my business. i will re-use all unbranded cardboard boxes, like from amazon, or my acrylic suppliers, just to re-use existing cardboard, whenever possible.

cardboard boxes are used for most items larger than an ornament. for smaller items like ornaments, i use paper rigid mailers. 

i recently made the switch from bubble mailers to paper ones, and they're so much better! recyclable, and also less bulky and yet just as strong, to help save on shipping costs and your orders arriving to you in perfect condition.

whenever i run out of certain boxes, i always try to order new boxes in the smallest possible size for my item which reduces the filler required, and also reduces the impact to the environment even on recycling.

3. shipping fillers

for some items, using bubble wrap, which is not recyclable is the best option but i always try to reduce the amount of bubble wrap being used. wherever possible, i use newsprint paper, and kraft paper to fill boxes/empty space to prevent movement. 

4. labelling 

i switched over around a year ago to a thermal printer and adhesive paper for shipping labels. this has saved so much paper and tape (and TIME!) over the course of just 1 year. while paper is recyclable, packing tape isn't always depending on region and the type of tape it is, so this has dramatically increased my eco-friendly packaging. 

5. pick up over shipping

for the last 4 years, i've offered local pick up. in fact, when i first started my business, it was almost exclusively locals picking up their orders in person. over time, i began shipping more and more within canada and the US, but have remained open for curbside pick up, even prior to covid19. 

i always aim to pick up supplies from my suppliers locally when possible to avoid shipping and all the costs and environmental impacts that go along with it. 

while i'm 100% sure i have a lot more work to do to keep my business practices mindful of sustainability and my ecological footprint, these are a few steps i've taken that if you are operating a business, i would encourage you to keep in mind and try yourself!





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